Top 10 Best APK Blogger Templates for Free to Download


As we all know that Nowadays APK site is the most popular topic in the market and most people want to create a MODS APK and APK site and earn some money. The blogger is a free, secure, and safe Google product. so most people choose a blogger platform where they can start an APk Downloading site easily.

Top 10 Best APK Blogger Templates for Free to Download

Blogger provides only limited templates with limited features but Don’t worry In this post I will share the 10 Best Blogger Template for APK sites that makes your site look like a play store.

1). Pure APK

Pure APK Template

Pure APK Template:- Pureapk template is the next-level APK sharing blogger template. This theme is a smooth, responsive, and fast-loading blogger template created by MS design if you are thinking to run an APK sharing website on a blogger platform, then try this one.

2). Sure APK

Sure APK Template:- This is another Apk blogger template developed with some awesome features. This template provides a responsive design with Unlimited Color Options and SEO Optimized.

As we know, most of the visitors are coming from a mobile on this type of site. So its become very important to use responsive and mobile-friendly blogger templates. That’s why Sure apk is a pure and 100% responsive blogger template.

3). Blue APK

Blue APK Template:- Here we have another template called Blue APK. This is another responsive and SEO-optimized blogger template by MS Design. Make a Responsive and user-friendly android APK download site using blogger.

Blue apk is grid-style apps that showcase blogger templates. Blue apk, bring some great features, like Featured apps, Featured Games, Recent Posts widget, and many more. I hope you like this blogger template.

4). Green APK

Green APK Template:- Green APK Template is the oldest version of the Blue APK template or you can say that the father of the Blue APK template. If you want a simple Apk site then this is for you. You can make a simple app site by using this template where you can write some info about APK and give a Download link.

5). Androstore

Androstore Templates:- This template is one of my favorite APK Blogger template. Because this template gives me an Android app store vibe and the orange color makes this site look more charming. This Templates provide everything very clear and show every option like Downloads, Share button, and version in such a good manner. So, if you want an attractive APK site then this template is for your site.

6). Power Apk

Power APK Template:- This template provides two-color Options one is default Red and the other is Green with many advanced features that help to boost the loading time of your website, so you can easily improve the user experience of your website. It come with a very user-friendly interface, so if you’re new to the blogger platform and don’t know how to set up themes then this is a great choice for you. You can easily set up this template on your website by simply using the layout section of the blogger dashboard. It has professional responsive and SEO friendly design too just like other bloggers APK templates have.

7). Sora Apk

Sora APK Template:- Sora APK is another Ultimate Unique responsive template. This Template is well organized and very easy to customize it is also compatible with Mobile, Pc, Laptop, and tablets. The clean and well-finished look gives your site a professional look and boosts your earnings.

8). Google Play Store v2

Google Play Store v2 Template:- If you want to create a site like Google Play Store then this template is for you. You can easily create a site that looks like a Play Store and it attracts most of the visitors by its look. You can easily customize the template the image slider is also available which makes the site more professional.

9). Appiki

Appiki Template:- Appiki Template is a Designed Theme for Giving an Enhanced look. This template has Various Features available Which are designed to User friendly to handle by Piki Developers. Simple and elegant themes for making it more comfortable to use and the template is responsive, mobile-friendly and visitor like this type of template.

10). Apkium

Apkium Template:- Apkium is free to use Template provided by their developer at a time when I write this post. You can use and Customize according to your needs. There would be no future updates and support for the template. So this is one of the biggest issues for this template but if you like this template as it looks now then it may be a good choice for your site.



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