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Welcome to TopLiveBuzz– If you want to earn money online then this blog will help you to earn money from the internet.

Whatever are the trusted sources of Online Earning, I am going to discuss those sources in this blog and from this, you can earn money from the internet sitting at home.

In this blog, I am mainly going to tell you how to earn money from Blogging, Android applications, and third-party sites. If you want to make Blogging or YouTube a full-time carrier, then here you can learn it absolutely free because I am sharing my experiences.

Website Goal

The main purpose of the TopLiveBuzz.com blog is to inform people about earning from the internet so that they do not just run after the job. Even without a job, today people earn lakhs of rupees from the Internet and for this, no degree is required, you can earn a lot of money from here only with limited knowledge and time just like me.

But for this, you have to learn how to do blogging, how to earn by making videos on YouTube, and how to earn money by making an Android application. Apart from this, there are many such ways on the internet from where you can earn a lot of money like third-party sites, and here you do not need to invest anything.

If you want to learn blogging on Blogspot or WordPress or want to create an Android application with the help of Android Studio, then you can join us.

I can’t make you rich overnight. But if you want to learn what is necessary to become a successful blogger or app developer, then I can promise you that I will help you earn impressive income.

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Sammy Bisht ( TopLiveBuzz )

My name is Sammy Bisht and I am a part-time blogger. I have always been an average student, I have done nothing in Computer Science or any other big Computer Courses but I gain a lot of experience last few years by learning everything from the Internet like Youtube, Blogs, and forums and talking with various bloggers to discuss my problem during the journey of my blogging career and I was already passionate about computers and technology. Right now I am doing Blogging.

If you need any help then you can ask me your question by contacting us: (CONTACT US).